Ocean Floor Project - Due November 13, 2009

Over the next few weeks we will be studying the ocean. We will study everything from what the ocean looks like, the life found in the ocean, the effects people have on the ocean, to why iy is salty. As part of this study, you will be making a model of the ocean floor and an ocean food web using inforation found in your notebook and non-fiction references. This model needs to be 3-dimensional and can be made out of anything you choose (clay, cardboard, styrofoam, construction paper, jello, etc.) Be creative and have fun!
Your model must include:

  1. An ocean floor that includes a continental shelf, continelntal slope, continental rise, abyssal plain, trench, and mid-oceanic ridge.
  2. An ocean food chain or food web
  3. Your model must be accurately and neatly labeled.
  4. Extra credit will be awarded for including information about ocean water in your model (waves, currents, temperature, salinity, and pressure).

Here are some examples of models made by past students:
Sandpaper, posterboard, and clay were used to make this model inside a plastic tub.
This student used clay, a showbox, and other decorations.

Ocean Videos and Activities

Here are some really cool Bill Nye videos. Bill gets into a deep sea submersible, takes a tour of Alvin, and visits shipwrecks with a deep sea robot called Jason.

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Ocean Exploration, pt. 1 (video)

Bill Nye the Science Guy- Ocean Exploration, pt. 2 (video)

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Ocean Exploration, pt. 3 (video)

This is a short BrainPop video about the parts of the ocean floor, including a quiz you can take after you watch.

BrainPop - The Ocean Floor (video)

This video discusses ocean currents and what causes them. This is the same information that's in our yellow foldable.

BrainPop - Ocean Currents (video)

Here's the study guide from Virginia's SOL Pass website. The first page has a handy short-version of everything we'll talk about in our Oceans unit.

SOL Pass - Oceans Study Guide (pdf)

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