Earth's Landforms

Earth's Layers

Although we cannot directly see the interior of the Earth, scientists use instruments to collect data about it. These data are used to make a model of what the inside of the Earth is like.


We lots of evidence that shows that the Earth's continents used to be all together as one huge continent, which we call Pangaea. One of the most convincing, is the fact that we fins certain fossils of similar animals in places that are very far apart today. Look at this map:


Each type of animal and plant on the map lived and died in the same places: these are the places we find their fossils. Except today, those places are now very far apart, because Pangaea broke apart! And look at Antarctica…we have found plant fossils there, when today is is far too cold for plants. There are also remains of similar animals in Africa, India, and Antarctica. It would be impossible for the same type of animal to live in these places with the wildly different climates they have today.

Here are a couple of animated looks at how Pangaea broke up into the 7 contients we see on earth today.

Pangaea animation 1

Pangaea animation 2

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