October 18, 2010

Our Claytor Nature Center field trip has been postponed! The new date will be Tuesday, November 9, 2010. We're sorry for any inconvenience.


Students will receive new reading logs this week. They may read anything they choose for this week’s log. In class, we will be reading a short story called “La Bamba” and pick up with Chapter 12 of Maniac Magee.


This week we will not receive new words, but will review all the words in our Movement unit over the last 3 weeks.


This week will be spent reviewing for our math test on Friday, Oct. 22. The test will cover computation, which includes adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, and using variables. Next week, we will begin discussing fractions and decimals.


We will begin the week by preparing for Wednesday’s trip to Claytor Nature Center. We will discuss weathering, erosion, and other watershed-related vocabulary. After the trip on Wednesday, we will resume discussing earth’s landforms by discussing what happens along the earth’s plate boundaries.

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